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David Minac is a filmmaker, actor, artist and photographer. Since his childhood he found passion in exploring a different ways of combination of storytelling and visual image.  He was involved in number of internationaly acclaimed film productions such as Nicky's Family (2011) which was awarded more than 40 prestigious awards worldwide. At the University he worked on more than 20 Film and Television productions including the award winning short film Medieval Dream for which he won WAFTA Award for Best Editing (2012 - 2013) (University of Southampton Film Award). Recently he co-wrote, acted in and produced Magic Show (2015)  which is the university's most expensive film society production up to date. 


For several years David worked on prestigious Film Festival in PR Photographic department where he collaborated with well known directors and actors as Terry Gillian, Antonio Banderas, John Malkovich, Christopher Lee or Saffron Burrows. 

Influenced by both 21st century photography and the beauty of the older styles such as during the Golden Age of Hollywood or Italian Cinecitta, David brings cinematic vintage touch into the modern world. Apart from shooting models he is also official photographer of the two of top 10 television shows in country. His pictures have already been published in numerous magazines and newspapers. 


David also finds passion in painting, bringing symphonies of colors together. He already held two exhibitions of his artworks in Southampton, UK and currently prepares two more in Prague, Czech Republic and Rome, Italy.











by Minac

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