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“To Dream

               To Imagine

          To create new worlds”


"When I saw your eyes I could paint your soul"

Several years ago I saw a movie which has changed completely the way of my thinking. It was “Edward Scissorhands” by Tim Burton. I was fascinated by the way  he conceived the landscape of Californian suburbia and gave it the magical touch of a new fantasy world. I believe that every artist longs to create his own unique world and for me this world must possess a kind of magical outlook. I’ve started to create a world of my own.


I’ve indulged myself in drawing and painting. I’ve made dozens of sketches and paintings of women. Later I also used the technique of painting on the real photographs. It was such a fun to do!  I was quite surprised as several of my classmates at the university approached me, asking me to sell some of these photo paintings. This led me to create the first part of my world “THE PARADISE”.  Currently I am working on this project with the English topmodel Louise Cliffe.

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