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Album: "In the Shine of Moonlight"

Release Date: Upcoming 


1. In the Shine of Moonlight

2. Passion

3. The Day I met you

4. Walk

5. London

6. The Night in Covent Garden

7. On the Bridge

8. Midnight

“The Soundtrack of
Our Lives”

I am walking down a street in London. I put on the headphones and turn on the beautiful Mozart’s Requiem Lacrimosa. The street which was just a moment ago a grey, rainy uninteresting place changes into a dramatic film setting. It makes me feel that a WWIII is about to start and I need to run for my own life. Alfred Hitchcock said “What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.” And music is one element which can turn life in a most exciting thing. Since my childhood I was addicted to music also thanks to Steve Jobs to whom I owe part of my musical education. He provided me with his incredible ipod. I listened to everything from classical to meditative music. 

As the years passed my love for music grew stronger. I studied playing guitar, flute and piano. I also sang and performed in the university gospel choir in England which was the most incredible experience. Then I started to compose my own film music. Music adds to my life dozens of colors which represent forever changing shades of emotions and passions.I’ve composed music for the primetime series of the Czech TV - Gen Zantovsky - with excellent ratings. Currently I am working on music of my first full-length feature. I performed
parts from the album “In the Shine of the Moonlight” on the openings of my exhibitions.

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